Jetsweep.com is a tool for coaches that have an interest in the newer aspects of the “fabled” Wing-T offensive attack.

This version of the hybrid wing has evolved from its early beginnings under Coach Davey Nelson through the “brand name” built-up by Coach Tubby Raymond and his great staff at the University of Delaware.  Why that name recognition was shelved by the University of Delaware is still a mystery to many.  The hybrid wing featured on this site got its early beginnings from the now retired Coach Herschel Moore at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Coach Moore is credited with being the first coach to use the Jet Sweep at the college level.

FACT: The Sweeps Jet and Rocket was named such by Herschel Moore while at Cumberland University. 

The Wing-T is used as the basic offensive system by more high schools than probably any other style attack; it has definitely stood the test of time.  Jetsweep.com will feature the recent dynamic additions that have given the old attack some new pizazz.

Many Wing-T teams have bolstered their attacks with the Jet & Rocket sweeps, and some have also added the option dimension that includes the newer midline option and the old standby inside and outside veers. Another feature of the “hybrid” Wing attack is a smothering array of formations, formations, formations. This recent year has seen the rebirth of “Single-Wing” concepts being added to the “hybrid” fold. Many have also blended portions of the wide-open 4-wide passing attack to enhance the great running attack.

The “hybrid” Wing attack has morphed into a very diverse attack and hopefully Jetsweep.com will give coaches a “free” platform to exchange ideas about the offense. Please visit the Coaches Discussion Board!

Home page photo by K.M. Klemencic