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Wes Elrod

Joining the Site

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Joining the jetsweep forum is easy and FREE! However; due to the number of "crazies" from all over the world that attempt to join the forum; I have to approve on each attempt at registering. I usually check all attempts at least once a day................however sometimes I forget.

So, if you are somewhat delayed in getting the e-mail approval.............it will get to you. This topic specific football website and forum was startedĀ in 2003. It was beginning to wan in activity last year, and I considered closing the doors............I think it was due to "spread" and the RPO's. I still think that this stuff is the bright shiny object forĀ coaches to be lured into. This is a IMHO.

I changed my mind about closing the site after talking with a coach friend of mine. He reminded me that this is a HS site, and that the Wing would never die at the HS level. So, that being said; we will keep going as long as activity is good. Recently activity has been excellent.

Merry Christmas to all, and keep winging


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