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Hi guys -


I am considering implementing Miami, Bama, and Indy into our offense for this upcoming season. I hear a lot of coaches state that it would make this offense even that much more effective with the option included. I played in the Houston Veer and coached the Houston Veer when I first started coaching for a couple years. So my experience of running option is somewhat limited.


Can you guys share some of your stuff with me on the option for installation, key points, etc.?


What are you looking for when you call Miami OR Bama OR Indy?


Do you run option to or away from motion?


Thanks for help!


We use a prepractice option progression that we got from Coach Wright. We do that once a week for 20 min. We use half line drill to get a ton of reps once a week as well. We run as many plays as we can in 15 minutes. We run mainly option plays on Tuesday during our team time, so we will get a lot of reps during this time. We will mix in some option on the other days, but since we run option maybe 20% of our run plays or less, we try and get good at running it in specific situations so that it's easy for our kids to run.


Coach Moore has a DVD or two that goes over the option game in the Wing T and Coach Elrod's Edges Book also has a chapter on the option which is a good reference.

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