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    Coaches Everyone thinks you need to be in a gun or spread offense to use a good QB. Here are some clips from this year how a HYBRID WING QB can be just as effective and this is just a few. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/6237028/59ff83d4664be10c9cf51f94 Let me know if it does not work. Coach Wright
  2. Coaches Merry Xmas and have a happy and safe New Year. Coach Wright
  3. Inside Zone?

    Coach Their teaching of zone and evolution of it is the simplest I have ever seen and one of the best parts they do and probably the biggest thing I dislike about zone is the concept "Slow to Fast thru" They do not do this. They are exact opposite Fast to and Fast thru. Hope it helps Coach Wright
  4. Inside Zone?

    "I think it would be difficult for a defense to defend buck, trap, belly, etc. and a Zone play. Watching Army vs. Navy, both teams incorporate a lot of zone now (especially against each other). I don't think zone is good against every defense, but the teams that read blocking schemes and react laterally to our down blocks can give us trouble...Zone may be a better way to attack such defenses." Coach I have spent a quite of bit of time with both programs the last few years and especially Army because it is right down the road. Here are some of my observations: YEAR ONE: Army was installing TRIPLE...TRIPLE....TRIPLE and did I say TRIPLE. No zone until late into the season. YEAR TWO Midline Triple...Midline Triple....Midline Triple did I say Midline Triple. No zone as an emphasis. YEAR THREE ZONE....ZONE....ZONE did I say ZONE. Still using Triple and Midline but not as much of an emphasis. Both Navy and Army claim this is now the best play in their offense and I can see why. It has answers and poses huge problems for offenses. it is not like Pro Zone schemes. Something to consider: 1. How much does it cost? They do not run Buck or Belly sweeps (Their expensive plays and so is Zone) 2. Why is any play in your offense? (As a result of a defensive response or getting a key player the ball or speed in space or some other reason) 3. When are you going to call it? (only when you need an answer to a defensive response or consistent way to get the ball to a specific player or specific part of a front etc.) Here is my opinion not any facts other than what I been told by coaches from these institutions: Zone was put in as an answer to a defensive response, but later evolved into a play to get a specific player the ball into the largest gap a defense has to defend with a direct option when your player cannot block a force defender. FYI: When they are asked why they do not throw the ball their response is we do and we do it a lot. Especially when we pitch it to our Slot backs. So in other words they view Zone as another pass play for them. Hope it helps Coach Wright
  5. Offseason Football

    Gentlemen I apologize if I gave the impression that the school has a 10th periods in the day It does not. Our kids get out at 215pm for school. I then have them down there by 230pm and then we have a 315pm bus for after school help. I just simply take advantage of this. If our kids represent our school in another sport they do not need to attend. However, if they do not then they need to be there. We have eliminated all excuses: Time: only 30 minutes Ride: 315 bus Sports: have fun and win Money: Its free FINAL THOUGHT: Remember they can lift all year and be dedicated etc. Science shows that it is ALL GONE if you do not have it over the summer. Depletion of strength gains starts within 48 hours. Imagine what an 8 week or 12 week layoff does. Here is another way to look at it. Do not lift all year and then when the summer comes get dedicated and see what those 8 weeks do. No other sports to compete with etc.. Good luck Coach Wright
  6. Power (stanford)

    Coach That play is a staple of the double wing teams and the QB not only pitches it he leads it. Coach Wright
  7. Coaches One of the more popular questions I get from coaches is what we do in the offseaaon with our kids training, 7 on 7, spring ball and summer. So I thought I would share some of my thoughts and experiences with you. Let me start with how I approached this as young coach. Simple. DO IT ALL!! This was easier said than done at first and createad a number of conflicts: 1. Other Coaches. - Coaches of other sports did not like us occupying all of the players (we shared) time. So there were many times we had coaches tell kids that if they attended any of our offseason stuff they would not play for them. Pitting one program against another. 2. Personal Family. Coaches families did not feel it was justified or a part of their job duties to do offseason stuff because it was out of season and they are not getting paid for it. So as a head coach I was many times left alone or one assistant to help. 3. Administration. Felt that making players do offseason work meant a good way for us coaches to make extra monies and when told it was free, it can not be free. You must be making money some how, because no one in their right mind would do all that for free. So you are just making money off our parents and players. Whether this is true or not it is still a perception that is out there and must be dealt with. So what happened? 1. I had to...whether or not I wanted to adjust and adapt in the environment I was finding myself in. 2. Be realistic as to how much each component of offseason is really an effective part of success on the football field. 3. Understand that within this environment I have to find a way to flourish and not just simply complain. Be proactive. THE RESULT: 1. Encourage players to be a multiple arhlete. Run track, play basketball, swim, wrestle etc.. Embrace this. Why? - Their competed now everyday. - Grades are being monitored all year. - Staying in shape and training the body in different ways, as well as, no overuse injuries. -other coaches appreciate it and those that do not will find that kid telling them no verses telling you about playing. 2. 7 on 7 -anytime we have done these we have been on the losing end. Sorry that is putting it lightly. We have been the embarrassing end. -You know running play action passes that only work when you have run sweep or belly a million times. Plus they are all in 2 deep man under etc for the tournaments anyway. -Coach you can work on your defense. You mean 1 deep and the QB has 4 seconds to throw the ball every down and gets pts for completing passes verses just TDS. So we stop doing these all together. 3. Weight room - we used to do 2 hours at 3 days a week. This in philosophy worked real well if they decided to come and if I could coaches to help. Well that was a major fight and when I was taking my MS program stuff I discovered that all of this could be achieved with way less time and if they did not keep it up over the summer most of what they gained all year would be lost in less than two months. So we now have a 10th period WT RM. 230 to 310. Kids then get on the early bus and go home for HMWK. We go Tues and Thurs only. UPPER AND LOWER DAY. We do some things that are very beneficial to our program and that is: OTA and SPRING BALL. This is pretty much our main focus now. Get them stronger than they were and master fundamentals and scheme. Hope it helps Coach Wright
  8. My Season on the Sideline

    Nathan I absolutely agree with Wes in that you will be coaching again someday. It is in your blood and who you are. Plus your too damn good at it not to be doing it. Good Luck Jim
  9. Reinhardt U

    Tito Saw them on film and you are correct they look like the real deal. It also looks exactly like Herschel and Wes' offense as well. (Except Spread) Coach Wright
  10. Tide vs. 4-4

    Coach My apologies I saw this late. TidE has the letters T and E standing for dive key being the 1st man on the TE. Therefore, A 7 tech would make him the Dive and the OLB would be the Pitch. Yes the CB would be blocked by the WB. Double 3 to BSLBER. TE climbs to PSLBER SIMPLY BLOCK THE 7? -Yes if your TE is a stud and can move him. -Probably not is usually the case. It has been my experience that 7's are usually better than TE's. Plus if he can move him you probably do not need TIDE in the 1st place. Good luck Coach Wright
  11. In the Championship

    Tuckahoe is about 40 minutes south of us. We lost 33 to 6. 4X champ in a row. Keep on winging it. Coach Wright
  12. In the Championship

    Coach That is just under 5 hours north of us. Great area in the state for football. keep winging it, Coach Wright
  13. In the Championship

    What school you at coach?
  14. WB insert on Belly XB

    Coaching Points: 1. Have a call for the block and have the WB know the call as well. 2. Reach step before insert and read the block. 3. Drill it in a 3 on 3 setting. Coach Wright