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  1. Inside Zone?

    I have run Tony DeMeo's triple gun offense before and it was zone blocking using the double team version you are referring to. The blocking rule is to double team unless someone threatens your gap. By using smart splits it was actually pretty easy for the OL to execute and easier than I thought it would be, but it still hits to slow.... DE DT N DE LT LG C RG RT If I wasn't currently in love with the Single Wing, smart splits and IZ/Gun Veer would be in my offense using the above splits.
  2. Roll/Sprint Out

    I always had them get to 7. Quick/Boot is the best sprint out stuff I've ever done. Tony DeMeo has an entire DVD covering it.
  3. Million Dollar Question

    I’ve seen Tango and Cash, I know what FUBAR means. We do flip flop the OL. I would have a formation system that tells them where to go. The IT would go to the weak side OT and the TE would go to the strength. We use wrist bands for their blocking rules and calls so I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about the under center exchange and QB footwork.
  4. Power (stanford)

    I saw a Webinar from Dwayne Alexander and he presented this. The motion back has to adjust to where he is 1 yard behind the FB and that's it!! Search all over Glazier and you might find it.
  5. Million Dollar Question

    We are a single wing team. Our blocking schemes are Wing-T just add a blocking back. We run Power, Counter, Trap Strong and Weak, Iso/Belly, our Strong side sweep is blocked like Jet and our weak side sweep is blocked like Belly Sweep. We mainly run from a 3 man surface, Northern Ray but to the strong side is a OT and the TE is on the weak side. TE QG C PG IT OT SE BB WB TB FB We have really good backs, but our OL is extremely average. Only having one wing really limits what we can do with our formations and defenses get really comfortable lining up to us.. To win a state championship we are going to have to run some option and use multiple formations. Most of our players play both ways. We practice offense for 1 hour and defense for 1 hour. I think we have 2 options: Put in an under center package and add Bama, Miami and Tide to the existing plays. OR Put in a Gun Wing-T Jet package (Wildcat) and run some Spread Option type stuff. Power Read, Read the backside DE on Counter, Speed Option. The Gun Wing-T stuff would be easier to install and rep. Having 2 wings and the ability to spread out the TE would give us multiple formations and we would keep the blocking back instead of having a Tail Back in the backfield. SE OT OG C OG OT TE WB BB WB QB I would prefer to go under center because of the traditional option stuff but I'm not sure if I can get that and our Single Wing stuff in one hour of practice.. What would you guys do in my situation?
  6. Offseason Football

    The weight room issue to totally different in the South. In FL the really successful schools have weight lifting classes and the offense is together in a class and so is the defense. Other schools have the entire football team in the class together. We lift almost year round down here, most schools give them December off. If we didn't lift like this we would get embarrassed every week. I'm not a fan of 7 on 7 either, I won't do it once I become a Head Coach.
  7. The "Nasty" Clinic - Part 6

    Our best pass play out this set is a crossing route by the wing. 2 things need to happen and they are things that usually do happen. The back side OLB needs to be blitzing when the motion goes away, which most DCs do because they are scared to death of Counter. And the corner needs to be playing very lazy. The wing runs a crossing route behind the LBs, he’ll be open about 7-8 yards down the field. TE uns a bubble staying behind the LOS, WR runs a fade to occupy the corner. Think the call would be Robin Plus A Joker Crosser.
  8. The "Nasty" Clinic - Part 5

    Putting our unbalanced strength to the boundary was one of the best things we did this year. It made our counter and weak side sweeps turn into TDs instead of big gains. Why defensive coaches will put all those guys into the boundary is beyond me???
  9. The "Nasty" Clinic - Part 1

    Who runs Bama out this set? Looks like it could be a pull and pitch real fast. Does the pitch key get up field too fast to be able to get the pitch off?
  10. The "Nasty" Clinic

    Let’sssssssss get ready to get Nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  11. FB Blocking #1

    That was an adjustment we ran on our Sweep play. Single wing offense. We put the BB on the DE, head outside, force the DE to widen, then cut up and back out.
  12. In the Championship

    We won our first round game. Tried everything we could do to lose it...penalties, turnovers, missed assignments, etc. Down 13-0 at the half, won 18-13. Ran it 60 times, threw it twice. This is the first playoff win in the history of the program. A huge mental barrier was overcome.
  13. Hybrid Wing Success

    That’s smart football, most coaches would have tried to score. It’s all about possessions at the end!
  14. Hybrid Wing Success

    8-0, 2 seed in playoffs. Our school has never won a post season game, some of the players think they are cursed. Will be interesting.... Rushed for 474 threw for 22, 5 different players scored TDs. Center and Power Guard both sprained an ankle, not good, very thin up front.
  15. Hybrid Wing Success

    7-0 division champs. Put the subs in during the second half vs their starters with a running clock. 288 yards in the first half. Weak side sweep, weak trap and counter all we needed. Execution up front still hasn’t peaked.