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  1. Inside Zone?

    I don't know who wrote this but it's in the language of this offense. 1) Our center identifies the front (30,40, bear). Our responsibilities depend on the front, and we make our calls based off of that. If the guards don't have anyone on them in any technique at all, then it's a 30 (odd front) If either of the guards are covered by a DT, it's a 40. If center and both guards are covered by a NT and 2 DTRULES: "A" and "DEUCE" vs. a 40 front......."B" and "ACE" vs. 30 front………."A" and "DRIVE" vs. BEAR front THAT SIMPLE! ******Essentially, this becomes a lead/trail combo. The PS guy is covered, while the BS guy is the catch-up/uncovered man who takes a flat step and reads the knee of the DL to see if he is getting a true double-team or working up the the assigned LB.COMBOS DEFINED (REMEMBER: PS guy in combo is lead, BS guy is trail or "catch-up":"B" = double-team with PSG and PST (they share B gap...get it?) "A" = double-team with C and PSG (they share A gap)"ACE" = double-team with BSG and C "DEUCE" = double-team with BST and BSG2. Next, the center identifies the "0", which is the first LB in the box to the play-side. That is the guy our play-side combo ("A" or "B", depending on the front) works to with the double team. The next guy LB backside from the Mike (zero) is the -1 LB, and our backside combo ("ACE" or "DEUCE", depending on the front) works to him. **Obviously, we don't come off of the double-team unless the LB runs downhill in our gap or gets within a foot of the DL's heels. Otherwise, we put the DL in the LB's lap.So, versus a:40 front:PST - basePSG - runs "A" combo with C to 0 LB (first in box)C - runs "A" combo with PSG to 0 LB BSG - runs "DEUCE" combo with BST to -1 LB (2nd in box)BST - runs "DEUCE" combo with BSG to -1 LB30 front:PST: runs "B" combo with PSG to 0 LBPSG: runs "B" combo with PST to 0 LBC: runs "ACE" combo with BSG to -1 LBBSG: runs "ACE" combo with C to -1 LBBST: takes path of least resistance to -2 LB (2nd LB back from Mike) BEAR front:PST - basePSG - runs "A" combo with C to 0 LB (first in box)C - runs "A" combo with PSG to 0 LB BSG - drive man over centerBST - drive man over inside teammate plenty of ways to kill bear other then inside zone.
  2. Million Dollar Question

    Stay gun run power read, jet read, toss read, and read the opposite end. You can throw the ball out of your single wing look. Georgetown KY used the same basic package just under center in what they call Orange.
  3. The Bear & Bull - Part 4-The Play!

    Auburn basically does this from the gun instead of belly they run power with the qb or tb
  4. Zone Blocking

    Not to high jack this thread but how deep is your fullback? What's the deepest you think he could be?
  5. Zone Blocking

    Why couldn't you run inside zone instead of belly? Outside zone instead of down? We have run jet for a bunch of years and we've run zone. Run game= jet,power,counter, inside zone, outside zone, toss, trap
  6. ..X......T..G..C..G..T..Y Z..............Q....H.... ......................... ...............R......... Or ....Y..G..C..G..T..T.......Z ..X.......Q.....H........... ............................ ..........R We ran this set a bunch last year and ran jet and the power O off of it. What other bull bear sets are there? Twins
  7. How Many?

    I don't know what you are calling hybrid wing. Maine Endwel is flexbone team but they do run jet and rocket. Not a ton of formations. Chenango Forks was a Wishbone team but they have sense branched out. They run about every formation known to man its a hodge podge of split back veer and wishbone plays, they too run jet and rocket. Newark Valley I'd say is the closet thing to a hybrid wing team jet, rocket, midline Both are great programs I don't know if anything they do is wing-t based I'd say they are closer to flexbone wishbone. The teams in your classification Binghamton and Ithaca are spread, Elmira and Corning are double tight double wing Corning runs some flexbone sets and Elmira runs some single wing sets. I think Horseheads was a hybrid wing team but has sense changed to the spread.
  8. How Many?

    Section 4 we don't have many large schools Binghamton and Ithaca are spread Corning is flex bone and double wing Elmira is double wing I'd say we are the triple option and double wing section. Very few programs run the wing-t. Walton is a very good program whose coach Jim Hoover just retired with over 300 wins. They are more of a belly series team but I'd describe there offense as wing-t.
  9. Sprint Out

    We run three patterns. Smash pass= hitch by #1, corner by #2, rb on a seam route. Choice pass= curl by #1, seam by #2, rb on an arrow Flood pass= go by #1, out by #2, rb on an arrow.
  10. Sprint Out

    Not to hi-jack the thread but what's your sprint out protection? We have always pinned with the H back then sprinted out we've always used the full back from the the dive back position as the third receiver in the route
  11. Running Power Read

    We would motion the flanker down or the slot over
  12. Running Power Read

    Yes our slot is more like an I formation fullback and our back is more of an I formation tailback. Back to the formation the red pro is split end slot. Tight end flanker Jet series- Jet(outside) Qb belly (off tackle) counter trey(counter away from action) Buck series- Buck(outside), power read(off tackle), Waggle(counter away from action), same side counter trey to the tailback, qb tackle trap. Really nothing revolutionary. What we found with power read is that it compliments buck and vice versa. Scrape exchange and the end out backer in stunts teams use to stop power read dont really work against buck sweep.
  13. Running Power Read

    Honestly I think you can run out of red pro depending on who you slot is you can run. QB belly, Jet, counter trey as one series Buck sweep, power read, tackle trap or counter criss cross as your other.
  14. Running Power Read

    Trips with a split end weak, a tight end and two flankers strong. We also like pro one side twins the other. If we motion the slot into the backfield we like a sniffer fullback in the B gap a gun tailback a nub tight end and twins.
  15. Running Power Read

    Snap point is the same as jet but the back is only 80%. Qb will take 3 shuffle steps and read the DE. If the DE sits or turns his shoulders hand it anything else keep it. Two stunts you have to prepare for are scrape exchange which for us is just run Qb counter trey with power read action. The other is the a lion which is DE up the field and outside backer inside. With that we throw what amounts to power pass with the TE on a 10 yard out.