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  2. Really like the play. Always looking for ways to run away from motion. For us, this play will probably work best vs teams that slant to and blitz the backside B/C of motion.
  3. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket - Part 3

    Out of the traditional FB position, we use traditional Wing T belly steps. We call it lateral, crossover, lead.
  4. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket - Part 3

    Coach Wagner we never did that in plus/minus. We told him just to take a little timing step and then go. In the home position we would still use the the old Belly FW.
  5. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket - Part 3

    We still had fullback take his belly steps in plus/minus. Quick question: how many of you guys use the old school belly steps? Slide, crossover, lead? I just spoke with a coach that said he just has the FB take a slide step to allow for the play to hit faster.
  6. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket - Part 3

    We run belly out of plus/minus as well. We have the FB take a lateral step to the inside and then take a gather step so that it times up well. I also found that we had to really stress that the ballcarrier read the block of the OT (even more than when running belly from behind the C) because the tendency of our FB was always to hit it up too far to the inside. Sometimes we ran it inside of a down block by our OT. But after really stressing it, the FB's were able to get it and it has been a good compliment/constraint when we offset our FB and run rocket motion behind it.
  7. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket - Part 3

    Coach Wagner, we used to do a fair amount of that when we were UC and the FB was our dude. We had to off-set a lot to get numbers and Belly out of that was a very nice compliment to keep formation integrity.
  8. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket - Part 3

    Once you can hit Toss to the fullback that is in a plus/minus, Belly can be ran out of the same set very well.
  9. OK lets do the last piece. This little wrinkle is the turbo-add for the TOSS. If your Jets are cooking; then use JOKER to "attract flies". COACHING POINT QB must make "proximity" fake on the Joker. He will reverse out opposite to the JET motion, BUT he needs to make the snap point the exact same as if it was an actual JET. All else is just exactly like a normal TOSS Joker Toss hope an idea or two popped out of the mini-mini oce Joker Toss.pdf
  10. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket- Part 2

    Absolutely...........I forgot about Boots aka Waggle. I did that quite a bit from 2-pt. Did not ever run the Buck from 2-pt simply because I simply got to where I did not run much Buck. You are spot on. wes
  11. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket- Part 2

    I know you asked Coach E, but I just thought I'd add what we do. We will run No Mo Rocket (toss), Bucksweep, and Waggle all on "lightning". Down Blocks and Pulls are doable out of a two-point stance as well.
  12. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket- Part 2

    Yes more or less............flank play reach blocking is really efficient from a 2-point stance. Any Lightning snap must be no-mo. I suppose you could run the very short-mo Bear or Bull Jet on Lightning.......good question. oce
  13. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket- Part 2

    I saw a college team in last week or two fake a Gun Jet (thus Joker), and then reverse pitch away to the set RB. He stepped forward for the Joker; so the reverse pitch timed out nicely. This is how I would probably do it.........have to figure out a set; since I am no longer coaching; I will let one of ya'll take care of that LOL This being said........must colleges and pros violate my standing JeT or Rocket rule...............which is I ALWAYS RUN A JET OR ROCKET TO A TIGHT WB...........................CASE CLOSED OCE
  14. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket- Part 2

    Coach E, Is this the only play you run on "Lightening"?
  15. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket- Part 2

    Coach E, if you were to run Toss from the Gun would you keep the QB mechanics the same as UC? I've seen alot of the gun teams just do the front out pitch.
  16. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket

    We did exactly as Coach E described in his post with the Gun pitch, though we didn't do much of it. The one thing that our QB figured out on his own was that step forward was a little bit easier if he put that foot back in his stance, before the snap. So if we were running Rocket to the right the QB would have his left foot up in his stance and the right foot came up as the snap was initiated. It made the pitch much easier for him.
  17. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket

    Thanks for the tip coach! I will let our QB coach know and we will start working on it.
  18. OK........after answering (*note attempting to answer) Coach Carter's question; I realize that I was I was talking mainly to UC Rocket coaches. Now you could run both Rocket & Toss from GUN............I have done Rocket, but not the TOSS. THE TOSS The Toss is simply a no-mo Rocket plain and simple IF..................Big IF you remain precise!! 1.) QB reverse out action is exactly the same as motion Rocket 2.) Block is 8 or 9 G Tan exactly like the motion Rocket 3.) Main Point - the offset back (FB or set HB) must receive pitch at 16 feet; thus same as motion Rocket So that back must F. Y. S. (find your spot........ where you need to align; so that you will be at 16 feet when ball hits your hands). Also the no-mo track is same as motion Rocket............4 yds. The reason play is called TOSS when it is in reality a no-mo Rocket. If I use word Rocket or Rock; back has to go in motion. THE TOSS BONUS: The Toss is best quick snap play in the book. I use the snap term LIGHTNING... this means quick break the huddle, remain in 2-point stance. get still, and then snap that bad boy................ I am attaching some examples of the TOSS............there are several. enjoy oce No-Mo 1.pdf
  19. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket

    beyond 4 yds is DUMB...............plain and simple.................SO........NO; Hell No!! Here is what you do to help (lets go to the right). Once your QB catches the ball (*note his heels will be like FB; at 3.5 yds); have him step at right angle towards the LOS with his right foot, and then "spin". You will find that he will quite close to a normal UC spin-out spot. Fact of the matter is that he will be a tad wider; thus the pitch will be a bit wider and better. We found that once the DC's got smarter, and started movement towards motion............depth of Rocket track became paramount...........TOO DEEP started getting knocked down with very little gain. I am said many times.....the HYBRID WING demands precise actions that are repeated play after play. If you tend to be SLOPPY, and imprecise at times.......DO NOT RUN THIS OFFENSE. oce
  20. A very mini-mini clinic for Rocket

    Great stuff coach! We have gone to a Pistol formation and Jet is good. We have run Rocket also, our QB is at 3 or 3.5 yds. and FB is at 5 yds. Since you think the Rocket path should be 4 yds. deep. Do you think having Rocket motion go behind QB and in front of FB is best? That puts him at about 4 yds., only problem is the sharp pitch angle. This is the way we currently teach it. Or do you think it would be worth trying to run the Rocket motion behind the FB at about 5.5 yards depth from Pistol or would that be a detriment?
  21. This will only be a 3-part mini-mini! This will be very narrow in scope. This is those folks that run the Rocket..............lets review the "correct" Rocket Path 1.) Snap point must be right behind the FB. 2.) Rocket track is 4 yds from LOS..........any deeper is just DUMB!! 3.) The Rocket pitch is roughly 16 feet (*note - that is outside a normal TE position) Now if you nail these 3 things and you get a hat on # 1 & # 2 (my outside count); you have a great chance at a good play. OK.............here is where I am going. I see many at the D-1 college level schools attempting to run JETS. Most have no clue how to run or block the play, and it ends up being a "gadget". Short of the service academies, and Georgia Tech; very few run the Rocket. IMHO; many are missing the boat; but I am just a dumb old ex-HS coach. I do see ALL D-1's and Pros running what I call the TOSS..........( a quick pitch to an off-set RB). So, what I want to discuss with you Rocket people is the No-Mo Rocket (what I call TOSS). I am attaching the correct Rocket spacing and path that I have given ya'll before. I will follow with 2 more parts. oce Correct Rocket Path.pdf
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